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Research shows that deaf people do not receive information about AIDS because newspapers, radios, and televisions are not accessible to the deaf community. Radio is out of the question. Newspapers are sometime difficult to read--this prevents them from being understood. Not all television programs are closed captioned.

Social isolation, limited access to information, services and comunications put Deaf people at a higher risk. 94 percent of Deaf persons with HIV/AIDS do not receive communication accessible services from AIDS services providers.

Indiana Cares Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services, the only program of its kind in the Midwest, provides the deaf community with HIV/AIDS information to ensure that the quality of services will improve in order that the next generation will have accessiblity to everything.

Who We Are...

The purpose of our program is to focus on the needs of the deaf community to receive servics from HIV/AIDS service providers through the state of Indiana. The purpose is to recognize their language and respect their needs to receive HIV/AIDS information in American Sign Language. The purpose is to break down the barriers of communication between service providers and the deaf community. The purpose is to increase the number of Deaf people referred to HIV testing clinics. And encourage all service providers a "language accessibility" to the deaf community.

What We Offer...

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program offers a wide range of informational presentations and workshops to the Hearing, Deaf, and Hard of Hearing. Presentations are signed or interpreted for the convenience of our audiences.

Services available include workshops, forums and conference sessions. Trainings are available for all service providers to learn how to provide HIV/AIDS services to the deaf community. Presentation topics range from HIV/AIDS information, education and prevention. Provides one to one interventions, support services, and advocacy.

For More Information Contact

David Cowan, Program Director

(317) 927-5123 TTY
(317) 920-1200 Voice
1-800-743-3333 Relay Indiana
(317) 926-7823 Fax

. If you have comments or suggestions

email David at:

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